Aussie Online Pokies Paylines. How Do They Work?

Pokies are one of the most popular types of online casino games in Australia. Casino operators attract players with easy and fascinating gameplay, inspiring sound effects, beautiful graphics, and much more. Some pokie lovers wish to feel a more immersive atmosphere at brick and mortar casinos. As a result, they choose virtual live casinos that provide slot battles with online pokies for real money, and other events. Although online pokies are simple to play, they offer huge diversified functions with hundreds of paylines, many symbols, and some bonus games. But how do pokies work? That’s what you need to know to grow your balance.

Over the past five years, online casinos have been facing technological growth with thousands of innovative pokies. There has been a huge evolution of games produced by leading software providers, thereby attracting more users. The biggest breakthrough was the slot machines with paylines. So, in the article, we will discuss what is paylines and how to play with them.

Slot Machine Composition

Pokies fans know that no matter you play traditional three-reel slots or a new video slot machine, the composition is nearly the same. Therefore, once you know the basics, you can take over any slot you play from anywhere in the world, thanks to mobile optimization.

In general, every pokie game has similar features such as a display box, balance, a paytable, reels, the maximum and minimum bet per line, the number of paylines, and the set of buttons to operate the game. Basically, these are the main components of any pokie game. In order to develop a perfect slot machine, you have to combine all these elements. Let’s have a look at each of these elements:

  • Balance – the number of credits you can use to place bets
  • Display Box – a box with your winnings
  • Paytable – it shows how much you can win with this or that combination
  • Reels – it is where the magic happens
  • Bet per line – the maximum and minimum allowed bets
  • Number of paylines – it shows how many winning lines are in the slot

How Do Slots Work?

Pokies are great for their functionality and fun. In general, slots provide 3 or more reels with a set of specific symbols on each reel. Land-based pokies machines have no more than 20 symbols per spinning reel. But, when it comes to virtual pokies games, there can be as many as 256 symbols and bonus symbols on each reel. Do you understand the potential winning of these pokies? There are millions of winning combinations that can bring a big prize. Pokies chances of winning are based on computer programs and the so-called Random Number Generator. Once you spin the reel, the computer instantly generates a random number which gives a random result.

Random Number Generator

RNG can be also called Lady Luck. This machine is equivalent to this popular lady is perfectly fair, when to comes to gambling results. The mechanics are designed to give only random outcomes. Just imagine, thousands of potential outcomes are generated in a second, associating with different symbols. This is a complex technology that gives players a safe environment to place bets and doesn’t worry about unfair results. Therefore, learning about the paylines is important to understand how the pokies work. Different slots have different rules concerning the paylines. Some of them allow you to change the number of paylines, also called variable paylines, and some of them provide only a fixed number of paylines.


Another pokie parameter is volatility. It shows how frequent you’ll be able to hit a winning combination. The bigger the volatility, the higher the chance of winning. Surely, you will not get the highest combination easy. In order to get the combination you want, you have to choose the slot carefully and take into account the following parameters: the size of your bet, the number of lines you play, and RTP percentages of the chosen pokie. Moreover, you need to be careful with the House Edge of the casino. Remember, it’s always on the casinos’ side. Therefore, the goal is to find the slot with the lowest house edge and the highest RTP. Take into account that games that require skill like poker, or blackjack always have the lowest house edge.

If you still cannot answer the question on how do pokies work, then keep reading more indeed details about pokies paylines, and pokie evolution through the ages. Take a quick break before we dive into the most interesting part of today’s discussion about the hidden aspects of the pokie machine. Stay tuned.

What Is A Pokie Payline?

There are several names for a Payline, such as betting line and winning line. Keep this in mind, when reading the pokie description on different casino forums. In general, a payline is a combination of symbols that gives you a particular result of a win. Payline always gives winnings, however, the size depends on how big the combination is. Original pokies were based on three reels and only a horizontal payline. The task was to drop three identical symbols on each of the reels. Modern slots have more than one payline, so you can see the potential winnings from the winning combination on the paytable. Paylines in modern slots can be formed not only horizontal but vertical and zigzag.

New Pokies Paylines

These new pokies have 25-30 paylines, and different paylines can trigger bonuses, free spins, or multipliers. As we told before, some pokie producers add the function to change the number of paylines. In other words, you can select the number of paylines you want to play with. These pokies are also called free slot machines.

The important thing to remember is the fact that no matter what direction the reels spin or what number of paylines you play with, the rule of hitting the combination is the same – you have to cross the same number of icons. Three-reel pokies will feature the winning line of three symbols.

Different Pokie Machines

It’s necessary to know how to choose the paylines at a pokie machine. There are many types of slots that allow you to select a number of paylines to play with. For example, if you choose one payline, there will be only one combination on the pokies machine. The number of paylines is determined by the software developer. Usually, players enjoy the pokies when choosing less than five paylines in order to keep the bankroll under control. However, players who prefer pokies with progressive jackpots are recommended to select as many paylines as they can.

World’s First Pokie Machine Payline

The first pokie which features 3 reels and 4 symbols was invented at the end of 19 century by a car mechanic from California. There was only one combination of three identical bells on the reels of the “Liberty Bell” slot machine. After a while, many other pokies similar to Liberty Bell have shown the same mechanics. The reason why Charles Fey invented this machine was to entertain his guests who were waiting for their car to be fixed. Now, we spend a lot more time playing these betting devices.

Poker Gambling Machine

A few years after the invention of the slot machine, Sittman and Pitt have developed the first-ever poker machine. In the beginning, poker machines were considered a failed invention since pokies came out first. Only after 9 years, players had a chance to try poker machines. The mechanics of the poker machines were similar to pokies. That’s why gamblers became familiar with the game extremely fast, as there were the same winning lines but made of familiar poker hands. In case the payline is matched up, the winner receives a winning in the form of free beer or cigarettes.

Electromechanical Slot Machines

Almost a hundred years later in 1964, the famous Bally Manufacturing have introduces the first electromechanical pokie game, known as the Money Honey. It was a phenomenal invention, that featured electronic parts with lights, sounds, and multiple betting options.

Players were obsessed with the technology and could place bets of up to 500 coins and receive automatic payouts. Later, slot machine developers started to implement more and more paylines. Slot machines with 5 reels provided 9 paylines to play with.

Rise of Video Slots

After the introduction of electromechanical slot machines, the gambling industry took a huge turn to the technological way. In 1970, Walt Fraley has shown the first video slot with only 1 payline. Video slots are popular these days. They offer more paylines, themes, symbols, and other features to attract even the most demanding players.

Multi-Line Paylines

Another breakthrough feature of slot machines is multi-line paylines. It became extremely popular almost instantly. Multi-Line pokies are more fun to play because their number of paylines is from 9 – 243. With more lines, there is a higher chance of winning. More advanced pokies also have advanced bonus rounds with even more payouts.

Nowadays, multi-paylines pokies are the most popular types of online pokies for real money. Aussies enjoy the variance of these slots, as well as the fact that it can maximise your chances of receiving a profitable winning combination. You can bet on different paylines and increase the probability that one of the payline will bring a huge win. However, be careful with your bankroll since it’s easy to lose everything on these sticky multi-paylines.

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