Da Vinci Diamonds

Despite the variety of pokie choices and the constant replenishment of the assortment, some models remain enviably consistent with trends. So, for example, one of the most popular is Da Vinci Diamonds casino best free slot machines. Today we will tell you why this pokie enjoys such unprecedented fame and what can be found in this slot for a beginner and an experienced gambler. We talk about the secrets of one of the key pokies in the assortment of the casino, share news and all the opportunities to win. Stay tuned to stay updated!

Main characteristics

You probably know that pokies reviews contain all the detailed information, which is why we always recommend that players read the top pokies reviews before starting the game. This is especially true for beginners — you can study the pokie data and only then take risks. But let’s start from the beginning.

Da Vinci Diamonds was created by the software maker IGT. Today you can play this pokie without downloading or even registering if you want to try the demo version. Of course, to play for real money you always need to register, regardless of the type of pokie, so the choice is yours.

The Renaissance has become a common thread and a recognizable motif. You can realize the coolest opportunity to simply turn back time and plunge into the days of the legendary da Vinci and his works of art. Of course, you will meet the mysterious Mona Lisa and other works of the great artist. Not to mention the charming atmosphere of this pokie, created thanks to the thematic music of the time: it is amazing how the creators managed to create a dynamic and at the same time soothing surroundings.

Bonuses and jackpots

When talking about pokie, it is especially important to mention all the possibilities that the situation provides. In this pokie, you will definitely appreciate the additional free spins you can get, as well as the fact that this pokie is usually among the welcome bonuses available to use.

However, in addition to the cool bonuses that casinos offer upon registration, you can also get bonuses in the pokie itself. Here is some information about the potential winnings:

  • 6 free spins — a guaranteed prize when you get a winning combination to the maximum.
  • jackpot of 5000 — a guaranteed prize if there is a Diamond symbol on the playing field. You need to get 5
  • symbols for a maximum amount of 5000, and then this amount will be multiplied by the selected line (your bet).
  • 25,000,000 is your maximum potential win! Of course, this will require a lot of luck, but it is quite realistic.

Pokie Benefits

You already know that there are more than a thousand different pokies on the market today, but still, top models have something that sets them apart from the rest. Here are the key characteristics of this pokie that make it truly the best:

  • it is created by a cool developer with an excellent reputation in the gambling world
  • it has a fascinating and unusual not overpowered theme of the Renaissance
  • it has a large selection of options in the table that describes the payouts
  • it has a huge jackpot on a payline
  • it has interactive and very dynamic gameplay, which also has a spinning reel!

You should definitely pay attention to this reel, which favorably distinguishes pokie from competitors. Classic machines work on just one spin of the reel — as soon as it stops, your chance for a progressive jackpot will simply end. But here everything is completely different! Thanks to the special reel mechanics, you will get a much better chance of hitting the jackpot, bonuses and other benefits. It is also worth noting additional options, as well as 20 more unique combinations of images for extra pay lines.

Combinations can be assembled in different ways. These are simple lines horizontally and diagonally, as well as unusual broken lines and even squares.


As for the maximum winning possibilities in this pokie, they are very impressive. Already from 3 reels and from 1 bet you can realize your chances. In total, you can use up to 20 paylines, and also use bonus symbols to get free spins and a special round.

Yes, there is only one bonus here (it’s a free spin), but the chances of getting it are quite high, and at the same time you risk nothing. It is enough to collect the necessary symbols on the line and get as many as 6 free spins, and if there are more symbols, you can get up to 15 free spins! By the way, the reels on free spins are also different from the classic ones in the main game.

Game Mechanics

Even if you are completely new to gambling, you will definitely be able to figure out this pokie. There are a few keys and buttons, so you don’t have to worry about mixing them up. Even without special instructions, you will probably understand what to do, but still, it is worth paying attention to a brief overview so as not to dive headlong into improvisation when your real money is already at stake.

As with all standard pokies, you first need to choose a bet size. You can set it using the left and right arrows in the corresponding field. Then just click on the button to confirm your choice and select the line bet value. Each bet will cost you 20 credits. The total values ​​range from 1 to 500. For example, if you select 4 lines, the total bet will cost you 80 credits.

Use the other buttons to adjust the sound, study the rules or payouts according to the provided table, which shows all valid lines. In the rules, you will find the most detailed explanation of the mechanics, if you have any questions. Well, the mute function, you can make this game as comfortable as possible in any circumstances, including when you can not make noise, but you want to have fun.

Big stakes game

Can you win big here? Oh yeah. As with any decent high-ranking pokie, here you can be completely sure that the lack of chances of winning big would simply prevent this pokie from climbing to the top.

With 20 paylines, you have to understand the mechanics — for example, symbols can be obtained in different values, and depending on the choice of lines. So, the image of a diamond gives 5000/500/100, and the image of the Wild symbol will replace any other (except for the bonus).

You also have a chance to get a multiple of the bet if you are lucky to get red stones or, for example, the biggest jackpot (it will be given by the image of a diamond). As a result, the maximum win under the best circumstances will give you as much as 25,000,000! This is one of the most generous indicators in the history of pokies.

Despite the fact that this pokie does not have such a high RTP, and it is only 95%, it is still considered generous. This is precisely due to the fact that the jackpot mechanic is present in pokie, which physically cannot fall out often as a win. But in any case, such an RTP is considered high enough for classic slots, although it makes it clear that not every spin will bring you a win.

Game for Money

We remind you that you can play this pokie both in the standard demo mode and for real money. To play for real money, you will need to register at a verified licensed casino (choose from the top ratings).

After registration, deposit cash into your account in a convenient way, select this pokie and start playing. Be sure to keep in mind that you can receive your winnings in the same way as you make a deposit, so you must have access!

The payout system is extremely simple: base games, reels, and free spins. From 3 to 5 symbols in the desired line will bring you a payout. After you get a free spin, the winning symbols will disappear and be replaced by others. By the way, you may well win free spins even if you play free spins — this is normal and will just give you more free chances to win. You can get from 2 to 15 free spins, where 1 symbol will bring 6 spins, and a combination of 3 symbols can bring 2, 3 or 4 spins, depending on the rarity.

iOS and Android

By the way, pokie is supported on all devices, including various operating systems (Android, iPhone, tablets and browser versions). This is not the newest game, but the mechanics are simple enough that it loads quickly thanks to updates from the manufacturer.

Luck or Strategy

Do not try to come up with an original strategy for cheating or guaranteed winnings — it all depends on your luck. Moreover, the game will go fast enough, especially in automatic mode, since the winning lines are displayed in a matter of seconds. Just choose the number of lines and decide for yourself whether you want to manage the pokie manually or use the auto spin mode for this. And, of course, it is worth remembering that jackpots can only be won at the maximum stakes.

What slot machine gives the most free games?

Free spins are one of the coolest bonuses. You may ask why, because free money sounds much better, but in fact there are a lot of nuances. For example, free spins are a much safer bonus. In particular, because free spins often have a lower wagering requirement, but, most importantly, they have very low risks.

Thus, when you receive a free spin inside the game for selecting a winning combination, you do not lose anything at all. You will only get an extra chance to win, which will not cost you anything, but will give you great fun.

What pokies give the most free spins? In fact, this is a frequent bonus. And if you pay attention to the top ratings of the coolest pokies, as experienced smart gamblers do, you will notice that these slots are included in the top.

50 Lions Slot

For example, 50 Lions gives free spins for special winning combinations that fall out quite often. Also, the Da Vinci Diamonds pokie is quite generous. Most often you can get 6 free spins, it happens quite often. Thus, you simply increase your chances of hitting the jackpot without risk.

Do not forget about pokies with the original mechanics, for example, Gonzo’s Quest and others. In other words, be sure to pay attention in the reviews to the possibility of winning free spins. Experienced gamblers literally hunt for them and get maximum pleasure and profit!

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