Free Flaming 7 

The hero of our today’s review is not the most sought-after pokie. But this does not mean at all that it does not deserve your attention or does not have advantages in comparison with other games. On the contrary, we can safely call it a kind of secret gem, which has not gained due popularity. Of course, this pokie has both pluses and minuses, but first things first. So, meet free Flaming 7 slot machines — perhaps your new pokie favourite!

About Pokie

Themed multi-round difficult pokies win in the pokie ratings, and we are unlikely to be able to hide or run from this. This is normal: bright and obviously exciting games are liked by the majority. But still, how nice it is to realize that the good old classics remain in price and the developers continue to create noteworthy copies. Today, the hero of our review is just such a pokie called Flaming 7. It was created by Taiwanese developers from KA Gaming, who did a great job.

As we have already mentioned, this pokie is a representative of the classic subspecies. This means that you will find mainly BAR symbols in it, as well as sevens, cherries, and other classic images. There are only 3 reels here and only 1 payline. Doesn’t that seem like enough? Well, this can really become a minus of this pokie, but exactly until we think about the fact that, in fact, this is really a classic, which is sometimes so lacking. It also has its own cool moments: for example, a wild symbol will help increase your winnings by as much as 7 times!

By the way, it is especially interesting that KA Gaming mainly creates complex games. Usually their products are distinguished by the presence of bonus options and many add-ons, but this time they finally remembered the part of their target audience that is not interested in complexity.

Security and Honesty

Before you start playing any slot or, moreover, investing real money in it on deposits, you need to make sure that it is honest. In this case, the pokie has been certified and verified by Gaming Labs International, so you can rest easy.


As for the symbols, a bright neon BAR and cherries are your best luck. Since there is only one line here, it passes through the central part of the rail. You can win an amount that will be short of the bet. At the same time, even one cherry symbol will bring you money, and this is very good. Particularly because one complete payline cannot appear frequently according to the theory of probability, and specific single profitable symbols make the game more exciting and enjoyable for the player. Two cherries will give you double your bet, and three cherries will give you triple your bet.

BAR symbols will also give a multiplication of the bet, also a seven may appear on the screen, which will give a multiplication of x25 if it appears immediately on 3 reels.

History of Pokie

By the way, are you interested in the history behind the name of this pokie? The thing is that the key symbol of this slot is exactly the number 7, and the designers depicted it on fire. It is this symbol that will bring you the most money: if such an image appears on all 3 reels, your bet will be multiplied by 10,000 times! This way you can get up to 400,000 on a single spin, which is a great result for a simple pokie with 3 reels.

The same symbol plays the role of the wild, so it replaces the others. Also, the flaming seven will multiply all drop-down replacements x7. In other words, this is more than a hot symbol that will definitely please you with its abilities!


The bet range here is very pleasant for such a simple pokie, with a max bet of 40 units can net you thousands. If your budget is only suitable for modest bets, it’s okay, this pokie will still suit you perfectly: you can even practice free spins in the demo version. Min bets of 0.01 are also supported by pokie, which is great news for those who do not aspire to become a high roller.

As for the design and general appearance of the pokie, it is quite simple, and this is right in our opinion. Agree, it would be strange if a pokie with such simple mechanics and only 1 payline was created very bright and modern, with 3D elements. The atmosphere of a classic casino reigns here: gold, neon, purple background. Looks expensive but not overdone.

By the way, one more thing about low stakes: given that pokie lets in players with minimum stakes, you do not need to waste time on the demo version. You can immediately try to win, and even if the outcome is bad, you will lose very little. However, if you still do not want to make a deposit right away, the demo version will reveal all the intricacies of this pokie to you.

Management and access:

  • the control in this pokie is also simple: it uses the usual buttons
  • keys allow you to adjust the value of coins and bet sizes as you wish
  • there is an autospin option for those who just want to watch the game unfold
  • pokie works equally well and smoothly on all devices, literally from tablets and smartphones to full-fledged
  • computers (this is partly due to the simple design and simple nice bonuses of the pokie like musical
  • accompaniment).

Similar Pokies

So, let’s say you played this pokie game and understood its principle so much that you wanted a little variety. In fact, you’re in luck: this classic pokie aesthetic is quite common. If you are interested in top pokies from Playtech, Novomatic and other top manufacturers, this means that we can definitely recommend something similar, for example, Burning Hot 7 slot from Novomatic. The symbols here are very similar, there are a lot of fruits, and this again gives a nice reference to the classic slots that we can see in the top pokies ratings around the world.

This pokie is a bit more difficult. It already has 5 paylines and bonus features. There is a wild symbol here, but its features are not as good as the classic slot. But there is a bonus round that will give you a chance to get additional prizes, and without betting on money, just like a gift from pokie. One of them is the classic game for doubling, which is so loved by many gamblers.

Another similar pokie is Vegas Reels II by Wazdan. The main difference is the presence of a bonus feature that changes losing symbols to winning ones. There are also 3 reels and 1 payline, but you can collect flip symbols to get free spins and multiply your winnings. Unusual, but interesting and adds zest to the pokie.

Is this pokie worth your attention?

Good question with which we will conclude this review. So, actually, there is no point in pretending that this is not the case, since so far it is quite standard. It doesn’t have many reels, just one payline and nothing shocking.

However, if you are a fan of timeless classics who is tired of rushing through the variety of pokies in search of something familiar that will not make you understand the game mechanics for a long time, this pokie is your choice. Standard and understandable, thoughtful in its segment and pleasant, you will definitely like it. It is possible to stay as a guest for a long time. At the same time, here you can get impressive winnings, although this is rarely expected from such pokies.

As for the technical aspects, this is still quite low volatility. The low variance means that you are more likely to get a lot of wins with a high frequency. We remind you that the higher the volatility, the less often you will receive winnings. In this pokie, you are more likely to expect many small wins with a chance of one big one, and this is very good, because such a strategy is universal. You can play for a short time, win back your deposits and get some profit, or play for a long time and hit the jackpot in the end. But even if you do not collect the coveted line of flaming sevens, you still have a high probability of remaining in the black.

Advantages of Free Flaming 7 pokie

As always, we advise you to tune in to the long game if you are interested in big wins. Of the advantages that players highlight:

  • has a realistic design that immerses you in the atmosphere of a classic casino and slots
  • wide range of bets, including a small initial, which makes pokie suitable for all players
  • the opportunity to win a lot. Thanks to the presence of special combinations, despite the small number of lines and reels
  • simple and understandable mechanics and graphics, as well as the possibility of autoplay for those who just want to relax.

Pokie is available in many casinos, as well as in the demo version of the app. By the way, players note that in the free version, thanks to bonus coins, the game becomes almost endless. It helps not lose interest in pokie and to study it well before starting to play for money. Try it — maybe this classic slot will become your comfortable pokie!

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