Free Keno Slot Machines

Do you think pokies are all that your gambling destiny has prepared for you? Well, then you don’t seem to know much about gambling, because there are a lot of entertainments in this area besides pokie games! Today we will talk about the second most popular game mechanic called free keno slot machines — it is both pokie and not pokie. Let’s figure out what the essence of keno is, what it is and how to play it. And we will also try to discuss whether it is realistic to deceive such machines or it is still a bad idea. By the way, keno is only a general mechanics, so here the choice will be quite rich, the main thing is to choose wisely and correctly.

What is keno

So, keno is a style of play that is similar to the lottery. This is a very popular mechanic that you can find and play even in offline casinos. Keno is not uncommon at all. Keno is a fairly low-key lottery-style structure, and it can actually sound quite boring, but once you start playing, you’re unlikely to stop.

Moreover, the history of the game is quite mysterious, and many assume that this game originated in ancient China and has been captivating players for more than one century. Of course, keno may be less popular than other oriental games, but you can try it at any time and see if this entertainment suits you. And then we will discuss the rules and life hacks.
Examples of keno games
In fact, there are a lot of keno games, and you can, of course, choose them primarily by RTP indicators and user reviews, but also by interface and design. Here are just a few examples of such pokies:

  • Super Keno
  • Spribe Keno
  • Instant Keno Multiplier
  • Triple Diamond Keno etc.

How to tell if it’s keno or regular pokie? It’s simple — usually the name already contains the word “keno”, since it is important for the manufacturer to immediately show the player what kind of entertainment awaits him. As for the features of the interfaces and other nuances, there are no indicators here, you can only focus on your own preferences. We recommend choosing those games that offer bonus rounds in case of failure to guess the numbers in keno.

How do you win keno every time?

Keno is a subspecies of pokies, which means that the principle of mechanics for these games is about the same. According to the theory of probability, you cannot win every time by guessing all 15 numbers out of 80, but almost everyone can guess at least 1. And almost all casinos offer bonus games for those who didn’t manage to guess even one number. And this means that you can win at least something — at least to cover your bet, with a high degree of probability. In any case, playing such games and pokies in general is primarily for the sake of fun and gambling, and not for the sake of 100% winnings. If some casinos promise you a guarantee of victory and profit, most likely this is a hoax, because the random distribution of numbers involves a process of guessing with risks.

How do you play keno on a slot machine?

So, about the rules:
the goal of the game is to guess the number on the board. Different numbers fall out in the range from 1 to 80, you have 15 attempts
numbers drop out randomly thanks to a randomiser (random number generator), so the result is impossible to predict, as in classic pokies
after you have placed your bet, send your chips to the cashier and receive a copy of the ticket
the amount of winnings (amount) directly depends on how many numbers out of 15 that you guessed turned out to be correct (more numbers guessed — more winnings received).

As you can see, the rules are simple, but there are also paytables here. So, the lowest payouts are for those who guessed only 1 number (in fact, this happens quite often). And some casinos give additional activity if the player has not guessed a single number. In this case, you will get a bonus game, and with a good guess, you can get tens of thousands of dollars. Perhaps this is why players around the world love keno so much.

Are keno slot machines rigged?

Like all pokie games, keno works on the principle of random output. This means that trusted keno pokies producers with a good reputation will simply not risk tricks, and the slot machine will work as honestly as possible. Do not try to deceive him — everything here works according to the theory of probability. Well, if you are still interested in the attempts of some players, you can always find information about slots being rigged by other gamblers.

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