Free Slots Double Diamond Slot Machines: Play And Win

Online gambling is not just an opportunity to have a good time, but also a chance to get real money that you can later spend or invest in something with pleasure. But in order to win more often, as well as not rely on blind luck, experienced players strongly recommend that you first study the input data, that is, information on pokie that is of interest to you.

By knowing what as well as how you play, you can increase your chances of winning, as well as in general, please yourself with real winnings. In addition, some pokies are much more popular than the others for a reason. For example, today we want to talk about the pleasure of play double diamond slot machines free. This is deservedly a top-place taker — let’s try together to figure out the reasons for its high rating and, in general, evaluate all the advantages that it gives you.

Pokie that Deserves your Attention

It’s not often that newcomers get into the top of the rankings almost from scratch, but there are exceptions. It is all the more logical to really learn more about such pokies, which we will do now! If your goal is an exciting yet enjoyable as well as a nostalgic game in a good way, then this is your choice. Original neon graphics, pleasant soundtrack as well as overall more than accommodating interface — this is what you get. We will tell everything in order, as well as at the same time we will say why it is so important, in general, to study best pokies reviews before playing. Trust us, this is for you!

Basic Info About Pokies

First, what should be understood very clearly as well as from the very beginning — this is not a cutting-edge game that will take you into a cyberpunk atmosphere or something like that. No, on the contrary. This is a very successful attempt to revive the good old pokie style, as well as this is exactly what this slot is good for. Therefore, you do not need to come to it for 3D graphics. On the contrary, it is worth a look here for those who want a high-quality interface as well as mechanics that are familiar in basic moments.

This pokie is so nostalgic that there are only 3 reels, as well as 1 payline! Of course, this may not be enough for players in 2022, when many are already highly tempted by the various possibilities as well as hundreds of paylines in one pokie. But nevertheless, you need to somehow explain the high ratings, as well as it is not so difficult to do this: even with only ONE payline, the RTP is over 95%!

This is very worthy, considering that many pokies with a large number of lines as well as a large number of reels have a lower rating. This means that even though there is only one payline, it works out quite often. It also has a wild symbol, which is also not quite typical, given that it only has 3 reels.

Visually, you will find familiar symbols here — cherries, sevens, as well as other beautiful as well as classic images that you will surely like. The graphics are not flat or boring, despite the familiar theme, so you will most likely remember this game in a good way.

Mobile options

As we have already said, this pokie is very easy to play due to its clear appearance as well as overall simple device. But in addition to simplicity, this gives another plus — exceptional adaptation to mobile devices. This game was successfully tested on iOS as well as Android, as well as on the Windows platform, as well as testers were happy to find that it works perfectly on literally all platforms. But you need to remember: there is no separate application for this pokie, so you will not find it in the AppStore or other application store for playing for real money. However, you can play it on your mobile browser by choosing your favourite casino. How to do this, we will describe in detail a little later.

Mobile Application

Btw, with regard to mobile games as well as casino applications: don’t forget some simple truths about real money gambling. For example, that it is not always possible: often such features are available only in some casinos. And by the way, registering through the application will not work, this can only be done in the good old browser version. It is especially important to take a qualitative approach to the issue of data entry: honesty here is the number one rule.

The opinions of experienced players about this pokie are divided. Someone really puts on a high RTP, but someone is still skeptical, mainly because of one payline as well as the absence of bonus rounds. It will be easy for you to lose money here if you are looking for a short-term game. Remember that all statistics, including those for the RTP, are calculated on the basis of a long-term game as well as constant systematic investments. Therefore, play confidently, enjoy the game as well as do not count on a one-time big win: you can get money here, but it will definitely not be a sudden jackpot.

How to play Pokies?

As we said, this is a classic pokie with only 3 reels as well as very simple game mechanics. There is only 1 line here, so your task is extremely simple: you need to determine the size of the bet. It’s exceptionally simple, which is why pokie is the perfect learning slot for beginners. But also experienced players will be able to relax as well as have a good time here, primarily due to the possibility of not being particularly stressed when making decisions regarding the game.

For players who value every dollar very much and are afraid to get into the game at risk, a convenient and safe demo mode works.

As we said, here you will find LEDs as well as many familiar symbols, including diamonds, bright inscriptions, gems, and, of course, cherries. The game was originally developed for offline casinos, so it literally looks like a hello from good old Las Vegas.

As for bonuses as well as jackpots, there are no special features here. Since there are only 3 reels here, you can only get standard payouts. There are no free spins, bonus rounds or jackpots in this pokie, but there is a wild symbol. It is the trademark of the game itself as well as allows you to win a really big payout.

  • One Wild’s going to bring you x2 winnings.
  • Two Wilds’re going to bring you x4 winnings.
  • Three Wilds’re going to bring you x1000 winnings. Sounds nice, doesn’t it!

Of course, the last multiplier is the real jackpot, or rather, what replaces it, which is why pokie has won its hot spot in the rankings.

How do you win at Double Diamond slots?

Many players, especially beginners, are desperately looking for a unique panacea, the so-called winning recipe. Alas or cheers, this is impossible, because there is simply no such secret. There are no legal, proven or guaranteed ways to cheat in a pokie: all slot machines work exclusively on the basis of random issuance. Thus, not only can you not be sure of the outcome of the game, but you cannot predict it from the theory of probability, although this myth has long existed among players. But still, there is something you can do!

Understand the Rules

First of all, you need to take the game seriously. Understand from the very beginning that the game is designed for the long term. You will have to constantly place bets, as well as they can be any, as well as count on winning. With a long-term regular game, even in the most unfavourable scenario, you will lose no more than 5% of the amount of your deposits, but in fact, you will rather win a little more. Let the win be small, but at least you will not go into the red as well as in general you will be satisfied with the unique atmosphere of this exciting simplicity of the game.


One payline will be a kind of salvation: you can catch symbols already on the way to the finish line as well as you will immediately understand whether you won or not. In addition, there are only 3 reels as well as there is no way to lose everything at once in the bonus game. Even though there is no way to double the winnings at once, it reduces your risks anyway. By the way, another plus of slot machines with simple mechanics is that they are available for wagering a lot of bonuses! In this way, you will be able to use welcome bonuses when playing at the casino, as well as this somehow compensates for the lack of bonuses in the game itself.


Another way to increase your chance of winning is to keep an eye on your bets. Some advice you to systematically increase them, as well as this has its own logic: according to statistics, with a long-term game, you cannot constantly lose, as well as at some point pokie will let you win back everything with interest. The main thing is to wait for this moment as well as not turn off the intended path. Just raise every time you lose as well as leave the standard bet after a win — give it a try, it might work!

Guides from the Internet

But do not rely on guaranteed schemes from the Internet: most of them are fraudulent, because no scheme, except for technical problems, can guarantee victory. As for the technical gaps in the work of pokies, they are eliminated very quickly, as well as it’s not at all a fact that your winnings will remain in your account, because it will be received dishonestly. By the way, you can always expand the boundaries of your knowledge as well as learn more about how pokies are created. It is always a plus for players to be aware of the technical agenda.

Making a Perfect Casino Choice

Before you set your mind on winning pokies, you should choose a club, because many casinos offer to play the same pokies, so which one to choose? Definitely one that fits all the important criteria. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Legit Casino

For example, one of the most important indicators for a player has always been the legality of the club. This means that no matter how attractive the club looks, the most important thing is that it is licensed as well as meets all safety requirements. The license can be from any accredited country where gambling is allowed, but that’s not all. Make sure that the casino is regularly audited by auditing independent organizations. Also, be sure to pay attention to whether the casino uses secure protocols when processing financial transactions — they are usually used on a par with banking ones as well as are very safe for your funds as well as personal data.


In addition to the most important issue of safety, it is worth paying attention to the issue of the comfort of playing in the club. Even if you came to the casino interested in one particular pokie, it is logical to pay attention to the full range of games. In good casinos, top ones like 7Bit or Katsubet, you will find hundreds of different pokies.

As well as the clubs do not stop there. Online casinos updated their libraries as new games appear, as well as new bonuses for new products from top manufacturers. It is also important that the casino provides not only pokies. For example, there should be table games, card games, as well as games with live dealers. All this adds points to the casinos’ rating. Before choosing as well as playing, it’s always great to study the top ratings in order to play in the coolest clubs.


And, of course, bonuses. If you are a fan of pokie games like this one, then you definitely need to choose a casino with cool bonuses. Why? Very simple: they will cool the impression of the absence of such gifts in the slot itself. Best of luck!

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