Casino Cheating Slot Machines

Most online slot machines have specific software and don’t take coins like traditional slot machines. As a result, it’s almost impossible to cheat them. In order to cheat slot machines in land-based casinos, a player needs a programmer specialist who has access to the settings. In this way, you can customize the RNG (random number generator), and change the results to your advantage.

On the other hand, the casino could cheat too, but what is the purpose of it? Without any doubt, fair games bring a lot more money than the attempt to scam players. It works only with trustworthy sites. However, there were many cases where casinos and players cheated at slots. And if you’re wondering how they did it, keep reading the page.

Check out the most popular methods of how to cheat at slot machines.

6 Cheating Methods

1. The Monkey’s Paw

One of the first devices to cheat at online casinos was the “monkey paw” which was created by Tommy Glenn. The “paw” was made out of a piece of steel in the form of a paw. Players used it to get a lot more cash from the winnings from slot machines. It works very simply. Basically, players push the monkey’s paw into the payout receptacle to stop make the free flow of coins. As a result, players receive much bigger winnings than the payout of the winning combination.

2. Shaved and Stringed Coins

This method has been extremely popular for a while. If a slot machine works with coins, a player would take a coin on the string to push it into the machine. After, pull the arm and make the reels roll. The principle of that trick is to pull out the coin from the machine as soon as you received your winnings. After that, you can use your coin again and again.

3. Yo-Yo Hack

Generally, the idea of this trick is similar to that we mentioned before. But the coin is tied with a thin string, and once you pushed the coin into the machine, just pull the string back and retrieve the coin from the machine. Unfortunately, this old trick is not working today in new casinos, however, some players got huge money from that hack.

4. Magnet Hack

This principle is also clear. But to handle it, you need a huge magnet and the old mechanical slot machine. To cheat, a player needs to take the magnet and pull it as close to reels as possible. You stop the reels in the right position to get the best winning combination.

Another method is to wait till the winning combinations land, pull the magnet and start depositing coins. Each deposit will bring you wins since the reels stopped in one position.

5. Lighting the Sensors

Some genius guy came up with an idea to use light to confuse slot sensors. Basically, he just shined into the machines’ sensors to interrupt them. As a result, players kept track of payments and made a machine payout more frequently.

6. Cheating the Code

Each slot machine has an auditing agency behind its operations. While software developers provide high-quality games, some companies test the software for fairness. Independent audit agencies like eCOGRA and Gaming Labs Inter. make an audit testings and issue licenses and certificates. It prevents any cheating activities from the online casino.

But there is a chance that someone rigged the code of a particular slot machine to customize the outcome. There was a famous case where an engineer from Nevada Gaming Commission has manipulated the slot machine to make better outcomes. Nobody knew about his manipulations until he won $100,000 on keno games back in 1995. After the incident, the casino administration improved the security measures of slot machines. But the latter attempts to hack the code were successful providing players with thousands of easy dollars.

How Casino Slot Machines Work?

Generally, slot machines are designed to give players the joy and a little bit of money. Whether it’s online slot machines or land-based traditional games, there are programmed payouts made at a specific rate. Once you’ve landed a specific symbol combination on the reel, the slot will give the amount of money based on the payout rate.

Any casino has a house edge. Generally, it always favours the casino in the long run. So, there is no reason to cheat on you, if they want to keep a clear reputation. For example, if slots were customized, then the casino would lose a huge number of players as well as most of the profit. There is no sense to take such risks just to earn some more money.

Therefore, online casino is a huge business and the daily profit of a legal and trustworthy online casino site is massive. However, there are still some people who think that online casino cheats on players. Of course, the internet today has millions of sites and thousands of online casinos. Some of them operate unfairly, that is why we recommend you to take a look at the blocklisted casinos. The best cheat for you is to make sure the casino you’re playing is safe and secure.

How to Understand the Casinos’ Intentions

Everyone is recommended to follow some easy steps to evaluate if the casino is safe and fair. So, there is a list of important criteria that is must check out before registering on the gambling site.

Casino License

The first thing to follow is to find out the information about the regulator. Legal online casinos always have the logo of their licensor on the website. We advise you to get down to the footer page and find the license logo. Always play the casino that is licensed by a reliable gambling authority. Also, check for certificates from independent audit agencies.

Payout Rate (RTP)

Each slot machine has an important parameter that shows the percentage of money returned back to the player. It’s called RTP (return to player). This data is available in the slot description on the casino site. Often, the best slots have over 93% RTP if they are not progressive. Therefore, this parameter will show if the game is fair and audited regularly.

Read players reviews

Every time we write a review on the casino, we always listen to the opinions of other players. It’s necessary to analyze the biggest complaints to the casino and games and try to understand if the casino is worth checking out.

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Casino Cheating Slot Machines
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