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Welcome to the pokiesbestau.com website. This page introduces you to the terms and conditions of pokiesbestau.com with the detailed explanation of rules for all the users on the website. The services and resources which are provided on pokiesbestau.com and which you use automatically make you agree with the rules and accept our terms and conditions. 

Further you will find the important information to consider. In case if you feel wrong about something and deny accepting our rules, we highly recommend to leave the website and terminate using pokiesbestau.com resources.

Usage of Website and Services

Everything that you can see on pokiesbestau.com website concerning casinos reviews, games, news blog and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and other content, is at our discretion. Hence we can carry out changes and modification on the site at anytime without notifying. 

You may gamble and, therefore, use the site only if you are 18 or older. The underaged users must not stay on the source and use any kind of information on the site. 

The site is functioning with regard to the gambling activities. Wherein the website owns all the included articles. 

Service and Content

The site places information about online casinos and information related to the gambling environment. Every piece of information and all the services are free and have educational purposes. pokiesbestau.com website does not own any online casino. All the content presented on the website meets these Terms and Conditions and is free, thus requiring no fees.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the images, texts, media files and any other materials on the site are the property of this site. The copyright law applies to the whole content on the site, hence it is illegal to spread any information found on this site without permission.

Third-party Content

This website may contain hyperlinks leading to other websites, products or services. The website takes no responsibility for the content found on other websites directed through the hyperlinks. Mind that if you use the hyperlink the site company does not encourage the third party content.

Gaming Services

As has been said before, the information is made only for entertaining and educational purposes. The website content can refer to online gambling and related services. The gaming information is dedicated only for the users under applicable jurisdiction and, in the meantime, who are equal or over 18 years old. 

By using the Gaming Services you admit agreement with the following:

    • The jurisdiction of your country allows Gaming Services. 
    • Your age is 18 or more.
    • As a result of usage of the information on the site you can lose money due to the possible further gambling. 
    • You take your own risk when using gaming services.

pokiesbestau.com does not make any user participate in the casino activities. This is a decision of each site visitor.

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