Online craps in Australia

Craps game is based on the result of the roll of the dice. Australian players are in love with online casino craps. However, if you’re still looking for the best online craps in Australia, welcome to the PokiesBestau site, where you will find enormous amounts of craps reviews, and online casinos for Australians. Keep reading to find out what is craps, and where to play safely.

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The history of craps

The game has been on the market for decades. Firstly, craps was extremely popular by European aristocrats, they called it ‘hazard’ back in the 1700s. Later the game became well-known in New Orlean, and had a major flow, until John H. Winn introduced the special “Don’t Pass” bet that allowed gamers to play against the shooter.

Why is it popular?

Craps game is convenient and quick, in comparison to other online casino games. To be familiar with the game, Let’s see some of the important facts about it:
Online Craps gives an opportunity for players to access it at their homes, using mobile devices or desktop.
Bonus is one of the main features. Each player can easily get generous gifts while playing craps.

Variety – there are a big range of different online craps games. Players will have plenty available options to choose from.
Low house edge – craps is a low house edge game with a really high payout percentage. So, you’ll have a high chance of regular winnings.


Useful tips for craps players

Check out really helpful advices from professional gamblers:

  • Place as many “pass line” bets in the beginning
  • Be careful with proposition wagering
  • Stay away from bit 6 or 8
  • Make sure to place wisely, especially the 3 Point Molly

Terms for craps

The more you know about craps, the more chances of winning you have. Read below the most important terms in craps:

  • Big Six – a bet of “Big Six” means a total of six before the roll of next number
  • Big Eight – a bet of “Bit Eight” equals a roll of total 8 before seven is rolled
  • Come bet – a bet after “Come out” roll
  • Come Out Roll – is the first roll in the betting round
  • Charting a Table – remembering all the results
  • Big Red – a result of betting on any seven