Facial Recognition Technology adapts to the new normal of masks

Facial recognition systems are becoming more prevalent in our society with every day passing. This security system is beloved and feared by the mass for some very good reasons. Though, in recent years we’ve heard stories of how the government has been using surveillance methods to curb terrorism. Now, Facial recognition is coming to Australia via the Japanese company NEC ( Nippon Electric Company). The company is responsible for leading the future of facial recognition as a biometric solution. The company hopes to use this system to maximize customer experience and value.



With the world being in a different place now and masks becoming a part of our daily lives. NEC has come up with an update to its system that can identify its subject even with masks on. This is a huge step in the development of facial recognition biometrics. The system has been reported to work almost perfectly. With an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

How is this even possible?

Well, according to the company, the software determines when a person is wearing a face covering. After that, it focuses on the parts of the face that are visible and verifies the person’s identity with those details.

The company said it isn’t harvesting people’s photos from Facebook or Instagram to make its software work so well. The software requires a photograph of the individual without a mask. Despite, the company saying they aren’t harvesting photos, we find that a little bit difficult to believe.

The company can quickly roll out this software because it had been working on it since before the pandemic. Many Japanese people wear face coverings when they are ill or have allergic reactions. Therefore, the company was working to fix such a core problem for facial recognition technology at the time.

This technology will definitely be a game-changer for many different industries from airport security to casino halls. The days of people disguising themselves to cheat the casino might be behind us. However, a system that has so much information about people’s faces and identities might prove to be a gold mine for hackers. We know NEC has great security measures in place but still anything is possible.

Why The Casino Industry Is Fully Embracing Face Recognition Technology

It isn’t surprising to gamblers around the world why casinos are at the forefront of face recognition technology development. Casinos have a lot to protect and their business model means they have to constantly have a cash flow. Therefore, they need all the security measures they can get their hands on

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the casino industry is implementing this technology.

Security Enhancement

The gambling industry is still finding ways to improve its safety. Facial recognition technologies can greatly enhance the security of online casinos and conventional casinos in a variety of ways.

There are a few aspects that facial recognition technologies can assist with the protection of casinos.

Identifying Minor Gamblers

While casinos have very tight security measures to deter underage players from joining, there are occasions when they can circumvent security. When inside, it will be very difficult to find out whether or not they are underage.

With the face-recognition technology, players will be asked to check their faces before they can play casino games. Your sensitive records can then be accessed by the game which will decide whether you are old enough to play.

If the player is underage, the game will not open and the device will alert the underage person to the protection of slipping between their hands.

Prevention of Fraud

There are online scams in which a scammer will impersonate someone by using their banking or credit card details to play. Security protocols are also in effect for these problems, but facial recognition technologies can deter theft from the use of another user’s credit or debit card.

The casino store the financial information of each player.  So, that if a certain credit card or debit card number is used in the casino, the machine will automatically decide if it is the actual owner or simply a scammer.

The casino can put an end to a fradulent claim before it even happens. Therefore, players’ financial records are more secure, even though they play mobile casinos.

Discourage Prohibited Players from Entry

Casinos have laws and procedures, and you have to obey them while you’re on their grounds. Failure to comply with these rules can result in a ban on players.

No matter how tight the security is. Banned players will always try to  sneak through and reach the casino. Given the number of people inside, it is very difficult for security to decide whether or not a particular player shouldn’t be there.

A Personalized Gambling Experience

As we described earlier, facial recognition technology will personalize players’ experience on the basis of betting and buying history. It will be tracked and recorded on their individual accounts.  If a certain game is played, facial recognition technology will be able to collect information and the device will offer a personalized experience based on their interests.

The machine can also quickly distinguish high rollers and VIPs via this technology.

Major Concerns About The New Technology

Although facial recognition technology has a wide variety of advantages for players. There are also a lot of privacy issues. Casinos cannot obtain personal information without asking for approval from players.

With data protection regulations being applied globally due to a growth in the number of Internet users, this type of technology will be very difficult to enforce unilaterally. Australia is beginning to enforce this on its casinos, but it is currently in the trial process and has not yet been completely implemented.

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