Top trends for the online gambling industry in 2021

As the dust settles on the beginning of a new year, especially with the kind of the year 2020 was. We are a little wary about looking too far into the future. So, we wouldn’t jinx ourselves but as humans, we can’t help but look towards a brighter future. With that in mind, we have decided to take a look at some of the trends that will shape the online gambling industry in 2021. These trends will shape how people gamble and how their bankroll their accounts. As well as, new technologies that bring us even closer to a cordless gambling experience from home.

The online gambling industry is no scrub when it comes to innovation, the industry has been innovating since its inception. The first online casino was introduced in 1994 but didn’t get any traction until 1997. Now, the number of online casinos is in the thousands with new casinos being launched almost every year.

Not only has the number of casinos grown exponentially so as the number of players enjoying their services. The industry has brought so many new technologies to make sure that it doesn’t lag behind the other entertainment giants. From the introduction of live casinos, Movie and TV show-themed slots, and mobile casinos.  The industry has proved it’s here to stay.

Gambling Is Here To Stay

Today, finding the best online casinos has not been much easier. A whole industry of reviewing websites have sprung up to help players choose from the vast selection. However, even with the help of these sites, it is still challenging to choose one casino to play. This is simply because of the number of choices that are available at players’ fingertips.

This is a good problem for the industry as this means that interest  is at an all-time high. With the pandemic and lockdown last year, the demand in some countries was over the roof. These demands are so high that countries with strict gambling regulations like the United States are starting to lose out.

Online Casino Trends 2021

The industry has been around for almost three decades now, you might think this means there is nothing to get excited about now. Well, you’d be dead wrong because the industry is gearing for a record-breaking year in 2021. With the advancement in mobile and computer technology, more and more players will ditch brick mortar casinos for online ones.

The industry’s revenue is set to grow by 12% which is an anticipated trillion dollar turnover. 2021 will be a year of prosperity for the industry but it might also be a year of challenges. However, only time will tell, as the list of things that might impact the industry is large.
Let’s take a look at a few of the trends that we think will be the most important for the industry in 2021.

Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile casinos and mobile gambling apps are not a new phenomenon. Since the advent of the modern smartphone, the online casino industry has been working on getting its apps on mobile devices. Thanks to mobile devices, millions of gamblers can enjoy their favorite online casino games from anywhere.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of mobile gamblers is set to increase and this will eventually change gambler habits. The industry has steadily been seeing an increase in mobile players over the last few years but they are expecting to exceed that this year.

Even when the covid lockdowns end, there are no guarantees on when brick mortar casinos can re-open their door. Even if they do, there no guarantees on at what capacity. If they do re-open at full capacity, there is no guarantee that players will return after experiencing the comfort of online gaming.

One of the major concerns for online casinos is optimizing all of their games to run on HTML 5. This is the technology that makes it possible for players to enjoy their favorite casino games on the go. Online casinos also have the problem of the mobile app stores.

The stores do not want any gambling applications where players can play for real money. If the industry could come to an agreement with Google or Apple, that will exponentially increase their chances of getting more players.

As the pandemic subsidies, and life goes back to normal, we are sure players will continue playing casino games on their mobile devices.

VR Gambling

Virtual Reality has been on the gaming scene for over a decade now. However, the technology is just slowly seeping its way into the online gambling space. Once something that could only be seen in SciFi movies, VR can bring us closer to things that are a million miles away.

This is going to be a hit for online casinos since this is even a better version of the live casino. The industry’s top software developers such as Microgaming and Playtech are currently tinkering around to make this technology available to players in the coming years.

No matter how much we love the convenience of an online casino, it could never replace the feeling of a land-based one. This is where virtual reality will come in and revolutionize what players think is real and blur the lines between land-based and online casinos.

The pandemic will be a great motivator for this technology. As we all know what it feels like not to be around loved ones and go to our favorite places. This technology has so much potential, we can’t wait to see what’s installed for 2021.

Cryptocurrency As A Viable Payment Option

Many online casinos already accept cryptocurrencies as a valid alternative for payment. Nevertheless, there are a lot of uncertainties with the currencies themselves that make it difficult for some online casinos to adopt. However, this year might be the year that cryptocurrency crosses the final stage of being a fad into a legitimate currency.

Another important aspect of this would be if enough players are interested in using the payment option. If players have more information about the currency and how it works, we think they would opt to use it more.

Strictly speaking, the currency offers many such advantages to citizens, from improved security to anonymity. Any online casinos give casino promotions to those who use crypto, and we all understand how people enjoy free stuff when they play online.


With the industry projected to make some much money this year. There are bound to be several new companies hoping to carve out a share of the market for themselves. Competition is something that casino sites must be ready for, and throughout 2021, there will likely be an upsurge of new online casinos to compete with.

It’s very easy to set up an online casino, particularly using white labels. Given that the gambling industry has been so profitable, it makes perfect sense for investors to seek profit from the success of Online entertainment. In addition, with the Covid-19 crisis certainly, to ease, more people will be willing to participate in online gambling.

While the influx of online casinos is excellent news for folks looking for a diverse array of casino sites, finding the right site may be overwhelming.

Closing Remarks

From becoming a slightly established industry to a rapidly growing sector, online casinos have become very trendy. Players now have an unlimited chance to participate and to bet confidently without spending loads of money. The industry has also adopted a reliable and robust recession-proof industry, where even newbie players can start enjoying the fun from the comfort of their homes.

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