While the hype for smartphone apps has died down a little, it hasn’t prevented them from expanding. Just go to the app store or google play store and discover an array of applications for everything you can think of. In the online casino world, apps are an ingenious way for players to have a more customizable gaming experience. Apps provide customers with a streamlined experience while encouraging them to take advantage of the special bonuses.

Australian players have access to mobile gaming through the casino app or the casino website accessible via a mobile device’s browser.

5.0 rating
300+ Pokies
98.5% Payout
$1400 Bonus
5.0 rating
1000+ Pokies
98% Payout
$4000 Bonus
True Blue
5.0 rating
True Blue
134+ Pokies
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750% Bonus


Although most people still play online slots on their PCs, many online casinos have designed websites exclusively for gaming on mobile devices. A reduced display size requires the casino operator to scale down with a focus on easy navigation and crisp graphics.

Casino sites run across all mobile devices much like every other mobile site available. You can tap games to view them, but they usually open a new window to reveal the details you tapped on. Games run like a PC, smooth with no sign of latency and instructions on how to play with touchscreen buttons.

One of the downsides of playing on mobile devices is that you don't have access to play free games without first registering. While you can comfortably do this on your PC, this feature does not make it to the mobile version of the website. We don't think it's something that would discourage people from gambling at a casino, but it's a major obstacle to trying to type in your registration details any time you try to play.

Equally frustrating is the fact that many of the older titles were developed in Flash which doesn't have mobile support. Many prominent developers have all switched to developing their games in HTML5, which is compatible with mobile devices, Though some still have a hard time making older titles available for mobile players.

Players playing pokies on their mobile devices want the same experience as players playing on a PC. While most casino sites have games to play on the go, the inconsistencies between the website pages can be very disturbing.


It has become increasingly popular to play online slots through the casino's app as supposed to the casino's mobile site. However, several casinos provide a version of the mobile app which is pretty much the same thing as their mobile website.

Since each casino is unique, there could be a high degree of variation in the functionality of their applications. For example, some apps won't let you play for real money, while others might not allow you to play certain games. Many online casino applications are almost as secure as their website. However, streaming data back and forth to their service can be hard on your data plan. So, don't be surprised if you run out of data playing a game, or if a specific slot starts acting strange.

One of the key benefits of using an online slot app is that they provide special and exclusive bonuses to gamblers. Although these bonuses aren't huge sums of money, they are still additional rewards and who would say no to that.

Pokies applications take advantage of a variety of technologies, such as QR codes, which are not accessible to PCs, and even web browsers may have a tough time dealing with them. Although some of the features are scaled down to accommodate portability, using the app is the ideal way to enjoy casino games on the go. It was also developed with this idea in mind and exclusively for their mobile players.

There are also online slot applications available that are not associated with any single casino, instead allows you to select from a multitude of different pokie machines to play. This variation of pokies app operates purely to help users enjoy pokies, without any of the casino pitfalls. However, they do away still the option to play for real money altogether.

The most prevalent apps allow players to pick and play games from a variety of developers much like a traditional casino. However, they do not have a land-based casino catalog, let alone the catalog of a casino site. A pokies app can be considered decent if it has 50 slots available, but that number is utterly pale compared to what you can find on a casino website.


Casino websites and pokies applications are very similar, both of which share the same intention of offering players the opportunity to enjoy pokies anywhere they are. While the online pokies app may be the best way to play casino games on the go, some online casinos don't provide players with a mobile app.

At the end of the day, the one you choose depends on what matters most to you. Will you like to have a variety of game options to play for real money at the expense of your data plan? Does your casino have an app that's available in Australia? Are you all right, only getting access to a tiny library of games? These are the questions you need to answer to find out which one is right for you?

Although the mobile site of online casinos and pokies applications has distinct pros and cons. You won't have any problems with either. If you've tried one option and it doesn't feel right, don't hesitate to turn to the other.


They can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App store much like any other app. Once you download the app, you'll be asked to sign in or register an account, so you shouldn't have to do this again. Be sure that when you play, you're careful not to play for real money while you believed it was a free game.

As there is no casino with the single title of the best, the same is true of pokies apps. Only players can determine for themselves which app fits their criteria, and because the requirements of each player are different, there will be a lot of names thrown around. However, the best pokies app should have the best games, huge winnings, lucrative bonuses, and an easy website to navigate.


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