Australian Gambling Culture: The Past, Present, and Future

The online gambling industry has very humble beginnings in Australia. Read our article on the past, present, and future of Australia’s online gaming industry. The gambling industry in Australia is of a considerably smaller size in comparison to other major countries like the US and Canada. Countries like the US and Canada are home to some of the sought-after software developers in the gambling industry. However, it’s not just the gambling industry where these countries dominate they also create a load of mobile gaming apps and video games. Some of the giants in this sphere include but not limited to Doppler, Halfbrick Studios, and many more.


The US market has put out over 3,600 different games for IOS and Android users to enjoy. These games are not only enjoyed domestically in the country but internationally as well.

Australia might not command the same level of development that we’ve seen from the US and Canada in the online gambling and mobile gaming spheres. However, the country has been seeing consistent growth in other gaming sectors such as classic video games and online casino games.

In 2020, the Australian gaming industry generated a very respectful $3.16 billion in total revenue. With a 71 percent increase in online casino games, the industry’s evaluation is a whopping $4.029 billion.

The Australian industry has been quietly creating some very interesting console accessories, gaming software, and other incredible technological leaps in the gaming industry. The industry has put its stock into creating stellar graphics and making casino games available on mobile devices.

The future of online gaming in Australia seems to be heading in the right direction. Let’s take a look at how we got here in the first place. Together we will see what gaming was like in Australia in the past compared to present times. And maybe this can help us predict the future.

A Short History Of Gambling In Australia

The widely praised Australian software provider Aristocrat Software established back in 1953. headquartered in Sydney, Australia, some of the world’s first pokie machines, including “The Clubmaster” were produced in 1956.

Aristocrat eventually became a multinational corporation, making pokie machines for Vegas. In 2013, made its way to the world of real money online casinos, developing online pokies.

Beam Software developed in 1980. This was the first computer gaming corporation in the world and produced over 150 titles. Seven years later, the company started development on Nintendo NES games. Warlords released by the Strategic Studies Department in 1990.

In 1995, Beam Software launched SNES Cricket, which finished first in Australia and the United Kingdom rankings. One year later, Blue Tongue Software launched AFL Finals Fever, a pioneering computer-based AFL soccer game.

In 2000, the Australian Government established the “Game Plan”, a Declaration of Support for the Video Games Industry. Micro Forté marked two decades as the country’s oldest independent game maker in 2005.

One year later, Barnyard, published by the Blue Tongue boys, was the very first Wii game ever made in Australia. In 2007, MMORPG Fury had a huge release ; it was the most expensive game developed in the world.


Later years

In the near future, the Aussie game development sector generated 2018-19 more than 143 million dollars, an increase of 21 percent over 2017. The Australian gaming industry contributes immensely to the domestic industry.

With seven of the ten studios planning to expand in the future and 35 percent planning a “significant growth” in terms of sales with two-thirds of the Aussies involved in video gaming.

An interesting history of gaming in Australia. The first land-based legal casino in Tuscany was the Wrest Point hotel-casino, which opened its doors in the spring of 1973. Nevertheless, Australia links to the settlers of Europe who went south and introduced the indigenous peoples to their home customs like sports.

Blackjack or roulette are only two excellent examples of games that entered Australia from the Old Hemisphere prior to officially opening the first legal casino here.

Gambling in Today’s Australia

As of today, over two-thirds of Australians have played computer games, and 62% of all working-age adults are in attendance. The Electronic Gaming and Entertainment Association data show.

Yet, Australians are best known for their constant love of fluttering. It seems that everybody who was born here enjoys a gamble and crosses their fingers to see a positive result.

It has been the same since colonial days when gambling was still very common and people used it to cope. In other words, Australians love to participate in these sports because of the potentially profitable side of playing and wagering.

Aussies often play because it is their hobby and helps them to socialize, as well as their mental well-being. Online casino gambling is pure amusement and horse races. Perhaps one of the best reasons to prove this is its immense success here. Aussies enjoy sports and they are not usually missing the reason to practice it as they wager on their favorite players, or riders.

Online Casino, Sportsbooks and E-sports In Today’s Australia

The positioning of real money sports betting just encourages them to introduce more excitement to their hobbies and who wouldn’t want to. It would be a shame to take advantage of internet and smartphone gaming today if you had plenty of cool online casino betting and sports betting opportunities.

Skilled video game e-sports players are becoming more popular in Australia now than ever. The extremely dynamic environment of immense money pools and incredible streaming incomes, sponsorships, and in-game tipping opportunities. This all supports a growing trend in platforms like Twitch and Patreon.

Many of the good e-sports athletes and game influencers in the country have built a forum to monetize their playing talents. And the fact that the country has three of the world’s top ten content producers is very significant to the success of the game.

Regulatory bosies caused more scrutiny about  in-game purchases have become a hot subject for debate.

The Future Of The Australian Gambling Industry

The advent of 5G or Cloud Gaming and the ever-growing e-sport market, along with the latest gaming technology. This will continue to produce further growth in the general gaming industry within a half-decade.

Apple Arcade’s Cloud Gaming Streaming is  a major part of Australia’s future. With 8K resolution from smartphones, which removes the need for additional hardware.

Gaming and online gambling are looking very promising for Aussies. As the multinational gaming sector plans to hit its greatest potential in 2025. According to the statistics from the European Market Review. In the nearest future, we should see more transparent gaming policies.

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