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Is gambling your passion? We share it, which means that we have something to share with you. The best insights and tips from the pros in this entertainment area are already waiting for you in this article: read and play like an experienced gambler from the very first steps. So, today the hero of our review will be My Konami slots free vegas casino slot machines. And also we will talk about how to choose the right club for the game, pokies for entertainment in general and give some useful tips. Your task is to first decide what you are looking for in the world of gambling, and only then finally decide on the choice. Therefore, today we will try to understand who this casino is suitable for, and whether you are one of these players.

About the Game

My KONAMI Slots is your opportunity to play anytime, anywhere you have access to your device. What is it? It’s the most popular pokies and other entertainment casinos in one place (namely, in your hands), and all the chances of winning. By the way, here you will find not only pokies, but also other activities, such as tournaments, which are designed for a large number of users. If you like pokies and slots, this game is definitely for you — try it and decide if you want to stay with it for a long time (spoiler: you will most likely want to).

My KONAMI Casino Slot Machines was developed by one of the renowned studios, PLAYSTUDIOS INC. This casino simulator works great on any platform and any device and guarantees you a completely immersive gaming atmosphere: exciting and in keeping with the best pokies traditions.

You can play using:

  • tablet
  • smartphone
  • PC
  • browser version or mobile version of the site
  • app.

As you can see, the developer made sure that you could not be left without your favourite entertainment for a long time: just enjoy what is happening and enjoy excellent graphics, user-friendly interface and, in general, a large selection of entertainment.

In myKONAMI you can find pokie for every taste. Here you will find a company of many players who appreciate the classics of offline casinos in the best traditions of Vegas: MGM Grand, Aria, or Bellagio.

Access to all pokies here is absolutely free, and one of the special bonuses is that every two hours of playing you will receive bonuses in the form of coins that you can spend on the game. Free spins, bonus points and much more will make your game in myKONAMI truly unforgettable!

So, the main advantage of myKONAMI as an aggregator of gambling entertainment is a wide selection of slots and games available to every player. Regular competitions for players and free access to myKONAMI gambling will also be a plus.

Regular options

You can easily increase your payouts at this casino if you are active. Activity refers to various exciting tasks for players that are updated every day. You will have a list of such tasks, completing which you can win bonuses.

Do you already know which slot machine you are interested in? Finding the right pokie in myKONAMI is easy: you can simply play it on your computer or your smartphone. Good news: all mechanics and games run equally smoothly and without problems on smartphones and tablets, as well as on PC.

As for tournaments, this is your additional excitement. Do you want to get a cool pokies’ conqueror title? Then it’s time to prove yourself: the tournament will be a real test of your abilities. You can compete with all participants and show your skills. Also, the amount of payments will directly depend on your level in the standings.

myKONAMI has a special loyalty program. Here you can play your favourite games, and thanks to myVIP (the name of the local loyalty program), you will use your small perks. They are related to the choice of games, as well as the level of rewards and bonuses that you receive.

Well, it’s worth mentioning that myKONAMI cares about contact with its players, so you can always contact brand representatives on social networks or in a convenient way. By the way, sometimes you can get additional bonuses this way — try not to miss this opportunity, because active players get more!

How to Choose Pokie

You don’t know what pokie you want to play yet and it makes you frustrated and nervous? Well, this is understandable: today there are thousands of pokies on the market, and each has its own nuances and features. Of course, pokies don’t require any incredible knowledge to play, and they are always easy to play, even if the slot has additional complicating mechanics.

However, if you know how do the different pokies differ, you can choose the ones that you like best. And as you know, in gambling a lot depends on your desire to win and your mood.

So, for example, when choosing a pokie, you need to pay attention to the following important criteria:
pokie type. It can be a classic pokie or a progressive jackpot pokie — these are the two most common types found in the assortment. Pokies can also be retro or, conversely, very modern 3D pokies. Choose what you are interested in: immerse yourself in the classic atmosphere of the good old casino or try something modern and radically new.

RTP (Return to Player)

This is perhaps the most important characteristic that you should immediately learn about pokie. Information about RTP is always in the public domain. What is it? RTP is a return to the player, that is, literally the amount that you can win back based on a long-term game. For different types of pokies, the RTP can be different. For example, for classic pokies, the RTP is usually the highest and is up to 98%, while for progressive jackpot pokies this figure rarely reaches 90%.


The second important technical criterion that will show you how often you will win. The dependence is inversely proportional: high volatility pokie wins rarely, but a lot, and low volatility pokie wins often, but small amounts. Therefore, if you are counting on a long-term game, you can safely choose pokies with a high level of volatility or, as it is also called, dispersion.

Of course, pokie should attract you. Do not forget that gambling is primarily about fun, and the same goes for playing myKONAMI: here you will get the most out of your entertainment. Therefore, make sure that you have fun and exciting playing pokie with the chosen theme. Today, you can find pokies dedicated to your favourite TV series and games, movies, and just your favourite aesthetic (like Chinese culture or cyberpunk).

Winning strategy

Many people are very concerned about the issue of a winning strategy and a guarantee of victory. Perhaps we will disappoint you, but in fact there is no single correct universal strategy for playing all the pokies in the world. Such a strategy does not exist even for certain categories of pokies.

Since we strongly recommend that you choose only trusted, legal, high-rated pokies and casinos, you must be sure that such organizations are honest. And the nuance is that honesty just guarantees the most random output of the result, which no one can influence.

However, pokies and gambling, in general, are always a matter of luck, and, therefore, the theory of probability. You don’t have to be a mathematician to figure this out, but if you understand the basic principles, you can learn more about your odds of winning.

Rule one: the game is always designed for the long term. All statistics are calculated relative to regular players. And, believe me, if you set yourself up for a long game, you can definitely win. 95% of all casino winnings come from 15% of players — these are the players who play regularly and believe in their success. If you expect to come, press one button and hit the jackpot — alas, we are not in the cinema, so this is unlikely to happen.

A long game at even stakes (the same) will definitely pay for itself. If you can or want to devote some time to the game, you do not need to give up gambling — just choose low volatility (or variance) pokie and enjoy. In such pokies, you have a minimal risk of losing money, although most likely you will not earn money in plus, but simply cover your expenses. The perfect choice for players who rely on fun!

The nuances of choosing a casino

When choosing a club to play, remember that with a favorable outcome, you will stay in this club for a long time. So, you should be comfortable with it in all respects. It is important that you like the interface of the club so that everything works smoothly and without delays with stable access to the network.

And another niche that you should pay attention to is the possibility of withdrawing money and depositing them. Casinos usually offer a wide range of options, so check them out beforehand. Electronic wallets, bank cards, payment systems charge different commissions and offer different conditions. Specify the size of the minimum deposits, deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as support for cards of your bank or a payment system convenient for you personally (Paypal, Skrillex, etc.). So you can play not only the best pokie games. But also later not think about technical issues. All done, you are ready to become the gambler of the year!

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