What To Do When An Online Casino Refuses To Payout

Hitting a huge jackpot or just winning a round of blackjack can be a very exciting feeling to get at an online casino. Especially while playing pokies, you get a scatter symbol, then a wild. From there you just watch the dollar amount roll over the screen like the credits to a very good movie. At this moment you are in awe and disbelief, but then you start thinking wow I just won this much. The thoughts of all the things you could use this money for start to cross your mind. A fancy sports car, holiday getaway, pay your student loans, or perhaps buy a home. With all the emotions that come with winning, you are ecstatic and can’t wait to tell your friend and family.



However, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but winning is just the first step, getting your winnings is the most important step. As much as we praise the online gambling industry for its innovation and technological advancement, payouts have always been a grey area for many online casinos.

So, actually getting your winnings in your hands might prove a little more difficult than you might think. A lot of factors will determine how fast you will get your payout and that’s if you get it at all.

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Why would a Casino refuse your payout request?

It easy to put all the blame on online casinos. However, players need to be more careful when choosing an online casino to gamble at. Some of the unregulated casinos will refuse to payout, while others will have very tortuous and complex terms and conditions. They do this in the hopes that players will not understand and play at the casino anyway.

The online casino industry seems to be growing at a very fast rate with help from the lockdown. With many people playing online casinos are making big money off their games. However, online casinos are built to make money and not to lose them.

Hence, some online casino refuses to pay players especially when it’s a huge sum of money. You might be thinking that this is a shady business model and you might be right. However, do not forget that you signed the casino’s terms and agreement.

Now let us take a look at some of the main reasons why online casinos refuse players their winnings.

The Major Reasons Why A Withdrawal Request Could Be Refused

Sometimes an online casino might have a very good reason for not paying out a player. Some of these reasons might include:

A Withdrawal Request For Too Little Or Too Much Money

Withdrawal limits and minimums are a staple in the online gambling industry. This is one of the biggest reasons many withdrawal requests get denied. To make a successful withdrawal request, you should be acquainted with the minimum withdrawal and limit.

You can find this information either in the casino’s terms and conditions or on the casino’s banking methods page. If you spent any time at an online casino you would know that minimum withdrawals and limits depend on the payment option you wish to use.

Not Clearing The Wagering Requirement

If you are trying to withdraw funds that you got by using one casino bus or the other, then you are should be aware of the wagering requirements of the bonus. To withdraw winnings gotten from the use of casino bonuses, one must first clear the wagering requirements.

If you haven’t cleared these requirements, the casino will always decline your withdrawal request. The best online casino in Australia will have a wagering requirement of about 30 times the bonus and money deposited.

Identity Verification

Another major reason for a player’s withdrawal request to be denied is simply because the player hasn’t provided the casino with proof of identity. Online casinos need to know who they are paying out to as it is mandated by the gambling regulating bodies regardless of country.

It might seem like a tedious and unnecessary step but it’s a very important one. This identity verification helps the online casino curb money laundering schemes and other criminal activities. When you plan to make a withdrawal, it would be smart to ask what documents you would need to send the casino. These documents could be a copy of your passport or driving license. The casino might also ask for a photo of the card you used for your initial deposit.

How to Collect Your Winnings

So, you have done everything we have listed in the section above and the online casino site doesn’t pay out your winnings. You might be feeling very frustrated now and we completely get that. However, this isn’t the time for emotional outrages, you need to take further steps to make sure the casino doesn’t cheat you out of your winnings.

The first thing that you should do is collect as much information about your transactions at the casino, your casino account balance, and your winnings history. You should keep these documents as proof that you were at the online casino and won a certain amount.

Secondly, you should screenshot any correspondence between the casino and yourself as it pertains to this issue. All of this would be very essential in case you decide to take legal action against the casino. If you have tried to resolve the issue with the casino and have gotten no reply or they just asking you to wait.

Here are some other methods you can go about getting the casino’s attention

Lodging Complaints Via Casino Forums

All businesses be it online or offline hates bad publicity or even being called out in public. In this day and age, one bad review or statement could ruin a business. Online casinos are aware of this and players can use that to their advantage when being refused payout for no reason.

An online casino is only as good as its reputation hence, an online casino with a damaged reputation will be ignored by players. For this exact reason, casinos have cultivated a relationship with casino forums to help resolve players’ issues.

You do not need to stop at casino forums, if the casino has a Facebook page, you can write your complaints on their page. Also, you can tweet about it and tag the casino’s Twitter account. All of this will propel your voice and get the online casino to listen to your complaints.

Use A Dispute System

The use of dispute systems by online casinos has been seeing steady growth in recent years. Players in Australia can use a dispute system like CDS (Central Dispute System).  They can help be a moderator between online casinos and players. These systems are very useful because they are professionals and know what documents players should have to withdraw their funds.

Once they see that you have all the necessary documents. They’ll be working to get you your winnings as quickly as possible. There are other systems where players can lodge complaints the difference is that they do not serve as an intermediary between you can the casino as CDS does.

Get in touch with the Gambling Commission

The last option you can try is reaching out to the gaming Authority that the casino’s gambling license is from. Most times you can this information on the front page of the casinos’ site, sometimes you might not find it. We suggest in this case you take a look at our online casino reviews. In this reviews, we always give all the information about licenses.

If a casino knows that you are making a complaint to their license provider, they might want to listen to your complaint. As they run a risk of actually losing their license and as we said earlier, casino operators get into the business to make money not lose them. So, see this step as a very important tool to getting your winnings from any online casino.


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